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Special Note: While our Global Roaster Subscription features 4 single origins each month, our Producing Country Subscription only features 1 coffee every quarter. Roasters in countries that produce coffee often only have access to one or two coffees at a time, and we would rather feature 1 really great one than try to force something. Quality over Quantity. You get it.

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We ship to North America.

We are exploring expanding our service to Europe.
Please reach out if you are interested in Yonder delivering to your country.

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What does the timeline look like?

We send coffee quarterly—billing in February, May, August, and November. You have until the 15th of the month to sign up for that quarter's delivery. We place the order with the roaster the following week, and schedule the coffee to be roasted soon after that. The day that it is roasted, the coffee is shipped to our warehouse in the US. Once received, it is immediately repacked and shipped to your door. Expect your delivery during the first week of the following month.

When will my coffee arrive?

Generally, you can expect your delivery 15-30 days after you're billed (so around the end of the month or during the following week). Relying on international shipping schedules can be complicated though, and we have to work within the bounds of the schedule of the US Customs. Instead of guaranteeing the date it will be in your hands each month, we build the shipping itinerary around freshness. That way, even if you get it a few days before or after the last day of the month, it will be as fresh as possible. We will send you an ETA for each delivery so you're ready when it arrives. We are also always available via instagram DMs if you have any questions.

What type of coffee will I get?

Each quarter, we collaborate with the featured roaster to get you the best they have to offer. Your coffee will always be fresh, whole bean, single origin specialty-grade arabica coffee grown in their country. If you are in the Brewer Box or Cafe Box programs for this subscription, each bag will be the same single origin coffee.

So how much coffee should I order?

Here's an easy way to think about it:
1 bag should make around one cup every other day for a month.
2 bags should make around one cup every day for a month.
4 bags should make around two cups every day for a month.

How much coffee will I get in each box?

Retail coffee bags vary in size from roaster to roaster, but the average size outside the U.S. is 250g. Instead of standardizing the amount of coffee each month by repackaging the beans ourselves, we would rather highlight the coffee the way the roaster intends, using their sizing, branding and packaging.

I need a break. Should I cancel?

You should not. (I mean, you definitely can. No pressure!) But a great option if you just need a month or two off is to pause your subscription, which you can do at any time by logging into your account, clicking "Manage" and then clicking "Pause" — see? Easy!

US shipping is included on all our subscriptions. For one-time orders, a $5 domestic shipping fee is added. Subscribe to save!

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