About Us

We are super passionate about coffee. And we get it: so is everybody, right? What makes us different? Well, we've spent years traveling, cultivating relationships with roasters all over, experiencing the diversity of coffee, and trying to connect the dots to make the world a little smaller.

Coffee is Global

We live in an increasingly global economy, and most people agree that irresponsibly globalized business can be harmful to local communities. But while there is so much good that comes from going local, the potential is there to put up blinders and miss the amazing innovations of people far away from home. Thoughtless localization can be as irresponsible as careless globalization. The reality is that coffee is a global product that traverses the world between being planted, harvested, roasted, and enjoyed. The world's cultural hubs have all developed unique coffee cultures, with their own taste palettes and roast profiles.

Yonder started after 7 years of full-time international travel. Coffee shops became my home away from home. I fell in love with the diversity of coffee around the world. Before long, I started bringing coffee home to share with friends at popup globally-inspired tasting events.

In our subscriptions, we mix things up, featuring both world-famous roasters and hidden gems that aren’t well-known outside of their communities. But you’ll always get high quality, single-origin third-wave coffee, delivered as freshly as possible.

We are anti-local (but not, like, mad about it). We aim to be intentionally global and positively impact everyone in our path.

Taste the incredible differences between Australian and German flavor profiles.
Experience the ethos of Norwegian koselig and Japanese kissaten distilled in their coffees.

Travel has made us who we are, and each time we leave, we bring back treasures from the world over.

Yonder is the most local expression to describe something far away.
Ready for us to bring the world home to you?

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