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We partner with really amazing coffee companies, and feel really lucky when we slow down and consider the brands who have come on board with us. They each inspire us in different ways, from their efforts to source beans with more direct positive impact, to the ways they impact their local communities.

12 countries

Roasting styles vary greatly across the world, so by bringing roasters from a different country each month, we get to try things that weren't prepared with us in mind. We think this is a pretty cool way to both explore the diverse world of coffee and intentionally develop a more adventurous palate.

12 months

We will never feature the same roast country twice within the same calendar year, so you get a truly global experience. We feature coffees fresh as they come into season. We also feature roasters in different parts of the world seasonally to make sure the coffee always arrives as fresh as possible.


Something Amazing

Whether you're a coffee professional
or you think all coffee tastes the same,
we offer an approachable way to
enjoy the world of coffee and
explore its horizons.

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September 2019

Apartment Coffee — Singapore, Singapore

Check back soon for details about this month's coffees.

Coffee Archive

We are proud to bring you coffee from some of the best roasters in the world.
Click below to read more about the coffees they sent us.

Location Roaster Coffee in the Taster Box Date
Singapore, Singapore Apartment Coffee Check back soon for details about this month's coffees. 09/2019
Perth, Western Australia Five Senses Washed Mwendi Wega — Kirinyaga, Kenya 08/2019
Galway, Ireland Calendar Coffee Washed Vitaliano Merino — Zamora, Ecuador 07/2019
Amsterdam, The Netherlands Friedhats Washed Ramos Ccoillar — Satipo, Peru 06/2019
Vancouver, Canada Lüna Coffee Washed Disco Marmalade — Guji, Ethiopia 05/2019
Wellington, New Zealand Flight Coffee Washed Shyira — Nyabihu, Rwanda 04/2019
Gothenburg, Sweden Morgon Coffee Washed Ferney Cruz — Tarqui, Colombia 03/2019
Berlin, Germany Bonanza Coffee Natural Sasaba — Guji, Ethiopia 02/2019
London, United Kingdom Workshop Coffee Experimental Buziraguhindwa — Kayanza, Burundi 01/2019
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Artisan Roast Red Honey Don Alfonso — Turrialba, Costa Rica 12/2018
Copenhagen, Denmark Coffee Collective Washed Kieni AA — Nyeri, Kenya 11/2018
Istanbul, Turkey Coffee Department Washed Mistrato — Risaralda, Colombia 10/2018
Paris, France Cafés Belleville Washed Hunapu — Antigua, Guatemala 09/2018
Tokyo, Japan Coffee Wrights Washed Gatare — Kayanza, Burundi 08/2018

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Five Senses Apartment Coffee Calendar Coffee
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Coffee is Global

We are anti-local (but not, like, mad about it). We are intentionally global and aim to positively impact everyone along the way.
Travel has made us who we are, and each time we leave, we bring back treasures from the world over.

We bring you the best coffee from over Yonder.

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We are exploring expanding our service to Europe.
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