Gothenburg, Sweden

Morgon Coffee

Nov 2021

Ferney Cruz

Tarqui, Colombia

Process: Washed
Varietal: Caturra & Colombia
Growing Altitude: 1900masl
Tasting Notes: Sweet, Orange Blossom, Raspberry

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Montero Family

Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Process: Honey
Varietal: Catuai
Growing Altitude: 1900masl
Tasting Notes: Structured, Chocolate Biscuit, Plum

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Gedeb, Ethiopia

Process: Natural
Varietal: Heirloom
Growing Altitude: 2000masl
Tasting Notes: Berry Jam, Elderflower, Iced Lemon Tea

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Montero Family Gesha

Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Process: Natural
Varietal: Gesha
Growing Altitude: 2000masl
Tasting Notes: Strawberry Fields, Apricot, Elderflower

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11/2021 -  Gothenburg, Sweden  logo

Journal — November 2021

They say they’re not special, but I don’t know about that. Christian, Gabriella, and Markus (from left to right respectively, in the photo to the right) founded Morgon in Gothenburg, Sweden in the summer of 2018. While Morgon is still a relatively young company, their team has nearly 40 years of combined experience of working with coffee. They were all longtime friends who met Sweden’s coffee scene. Sometimes co-workers, and other times competitors (with multiple international medals between them in roasting, cup tasting, and brewer cup events), they always dreamed of coming together to start their own company, and when they did, the world took notice right away.

Morgon has such a distinct style—each of their offerings are rendered visually, using physical, tactile objects to demonstrate the full experience of the coffee. I often feel that tasting notes, while helpful, can be either too limiting or too rote, and sometimes they can get absurd. So I find Morgon’s approach surprising and refreshing. They work with incredible artists, Simon Söder and Elinor Vestergaard (Markus’s wife) to achieve a visual identity for each coffee.

By breaking coffee packaging norms and elevating the experience of discovering each coffee, they hope to help the consumer appreciate the value and artful, intentional, hard work that goes into growing, processing, shipping, roasting and brewing each bean.

This month, I’m so happy to once again share one of my favorite coffees of all time. It is our third time featuring it, and I went into this month fully expecting not to. Our subscribers were some of the first to get to try coffee from Ferney Cruz back in early 2019. It blew me away and opened my mind to what Colombian coffee could be. Morgon knew I loved it so last year when the 2020 harvest arrived, they reached back out to see if we wanted first dibs. This year, I thought we should mix things up, but Gabriella told me that this harvest is even better and it’s all they want to drink. So here we go again. As we enter the festive season, I can’t think of a better coffee to share for an adventskaffe (a Swedish Christmas/coffee party). Swedes are famous for their Fika (coffee breaks); I hope your holidays are filled with coffee and kanelbullar too.