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As we traveled the world
We learned something problematic

It's hard to find good coffee in the countries that grow it.

We first noticed this in Peru, and soon discovered the same phenomenon in Kenya and Indonesia. Turns out it's an almost universal problem: the regions that produce the best coffee in the world don't consume it. Instead, outside the farms and washing stations, all that many people in their communities know is instant coffee (3 in 1 y'all!).

Coffee-growing economies are dependent on the West.

Without local demand for specialty coffee, farmers need to export their crops to make a living. We're really thankful, because that's how we in the US get to drink coffee. But this dependency hurts (see: Colombia). Many roasters address this by intentionally paying well above market value to help farmers, but that addresses the symptom, not the cause.

There are great roasters who are trying to change this.

So what can we do? Yonder isn't an importer or a roaster. We can't make policy changes. But we realized that if we support roasters who are helping develop local coffee-enjoying culture in their communities, then we can help break dependance and give farmers more agency in choosing where and how to sell their crops.

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Something Amazing

The idea of freshly roasted coffee direct from
the countries that grow it is almost unheard of.
When you buy this subscription,
you're making a difference.

Our subscription boxes
bring the world to you

Together we can help change things for the better.

So we are putting our money where our mouth is. Yonder is giving away 100% of profits from this subscription.
Each quarter, we partner with a deserving NGO or charity that is making a difference.

This December, we are supporting in Indonesia.

Partner With Us

December 2019

Summa Coffee — Medan, Indonesia

Check back soon for details about this quarter's coffee.

Coffee Archive

We are proud to bring you coffee from some of the best roasters in the world.
Click below to read more about the coffees they sent us.

Location Roaster Coffee in the Taster Box Date
Medan, Indonesia Summa Coffee Check back soon for details about this quarter's coffees. 12/2019
Lima, Peru Bloom Tostadores Washed La Mañana Gesha — Santa Teresa, Cusco 09/2019
Santa Barbara, Honduras El Dorao Washed Finca El Plan — Las Flores, Santa Bárbara, Honduras 06/2019

Coffee is Global

We are anti-local (but not, like, mad about it). We are intentionally global and aim to positively impact everyone along the way.
Travel has made us who we are, and each time we leave, we bring back treasures from the world over.

We bring you the best coffee from over Yonder.

About Yonder

Grown in Indonesia & roasted this December in Medan
then delivered to your door within a week

Special Note: While our Global Roaster Subscription features 4 single origins each month, our Producing Country Subscription only features 1 coffee every quarter. Roasters in countries that produce coffee often only have access to one or two coffees at a time, and we would rather feature 1 really great one than try to force something. Quality over Quantity. You get it.

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We ship to North America.

We are exploring expanding our service to Europe.
Please reach out if you are interested in Yonder delivering to your country.

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