London, United Kingdom

Workshop Coffee

Jan 2019


Kayanza, Burundi

Process: Experimental
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Growing Altitude: 2000masl
Tasting Notes: Tangy & Vibrant, Lime, Strawberry, Sugared Violet

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Ibisi PB

Maraba, Rwanda

Process: Washed
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Growing Altitude: 1900-2000masl
Tasting Notes: Pear, Black Grape, Caramel, Milk Ch

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Sidamo, Ethiopia

Process: Washed
Varietal: Sedancho & Native Typica Hybrids
Growing Altitude: 1900-2000masl
Tasting Notes: Clean & Sweet, Chamomile, Lemon, Honey

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Karimikui AA

Kirinyaga, Kenya

Process: Washed
Varietal: Predominantly SL28 & SL34, Some Ruiru 11
Growing Altitude: 1650-1900masl
Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Crab Apple Jelly, Hibiscus, Pink Grapefruit

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Journal — January 2019

We have always been super impressed with Workshop. Their Marylebone location, tucked in a cozy little space down a quiet alley off the bustling London shopping mecca of Oxford Street first welcomed us. And we find ourselves going back time and time again, because they continue to serve delicious coffee with a refreshing approach to service. We like how they explain themselves on their website. As quality-focused roasters, the challenge for Workshop lies in choosing which coffees they will feature in their range with the intention to showcase the best possible farms year after year. They try to showcase the best coffee possible, which means working closely with the right coffee farmers, producers, exporters and co-operatives; those that are willing to develop, evolve and adapt as together they target ever-improving quality in the cup. Working with the same people each year helps both parties develop quality, however they always look to foster new relationships with those who are producing great coffee. The search for better coffees is never ending and is a journey they relish.