Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Jun 2019

Ramos Ccoillar

Satipo, Peru

Process: Washed
Varietal: Typica, Caturra, Bourbon, Pache
Growing Altitude: 1750-1800masl
Tasting Notes: 80% Cacao, Citrus, Vanilla

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Mammutidae Tabi

Huila, Colombia

Process: Natural
Varietal: Tabi
Growing Altitude: 1700-1900masl
Tasting Notes: Juicy, Tropical Fruits, Yellow Fruits

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Suke Quto

Guji, Ethiopia

Process: Washed
Varietal: Kurume, Welicho
Growing Altitude: 1800-2200masl
Tasting Notes: White Peach, Black Tea, Citric Acidity

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Jairo Lopez Ospina

Tolima, Colombia

Process: Washed
Varietal: Yellow Typica, Yellow Bourbon
Growing Altitude: 1900masl
Tasting Notes: Black Tea, Blackberry, Blackstrap

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06/2019 -  Amsterdam, The Netherlands  logo

Journal — June 2019

Friedhats—an anagram for their old roastery Headfirst, which was beloved throughout Amsterdam and the specialty coffee community until (RIP) it was the casualty of a zoning law spat—is the brand new coffee company from Lex Wenneker and Dylan Sedgwick. After some well-deserved time off and a couple of world barista championships under their belts, they opened their roastery and a cafe called FUKU (named after the Japanese word for Good Luck, of course, and not for any other reason).

Their aesthetic is so well-defined, it’s playful, arty, and a bit punk rock. I really appreciate the ways that they question norms in the coffee world. Their packaging is really fun and surprising. Plus, because they use the same labels for all coffees from any country, the idea is that they’ll get re-used for years to come. We’re really into all four of these coffees, and especially look forward to our first Peru feature. The Tabi is super delicous and the Suke Quto is a really unique Ethiopian. Enjoy, y’all!