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Nov 2019

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Journal — November 2019

Talormade is a brand new and very exciting coffee roastery out of Oslo, Norway. It's kind of a long story, and we'll let Talor tell you about it in her own words:

Talor moved to Norway from Australia via Paris in 2012 to work for Tim Wendelboe and rose the ranks quickly to the coveted position of head roaster. After a while she thought to herself, "Wouldn't it be nice to have super high-quality coffee but without all the attitude?"

From there she launched her first company: Talor&Jørgen, a roastery that ended up totally changing the speciality coffee game and shipping to over 50 countries in its first year. The whole idea was simple: roast delicious coffees the way that people like them on their schedule, be transparent and kind and most importantly: have fun!

A year after the roastery launch, the retail store in downtown Oslo opened. 10 employees grew to 20 and the city's lust for doughnuts and great coffee seemed insatiable.

Working 300 hours a month to train chefs, roasters and baristas, she started to feel the strain. It culminated in her business partners trying to push her out of her own company. After an ugly lawsuit and a court settlement the best option to ensure the employees could keep their jobs was to take the money and move on.

So Talormade was born out of the ashes of tragedy.

After 7 months of preparation and planning she has the best equipment in the industry and a renewed determination to do it all over again, just bigger and so much better.

Quality, kindness, transparency, fun and deliciousness. Thats what Talormade does.